Between fields and ruins

Città di Ciampino, "Mura dei Francesi", PdZ C23-C23A. Progetto paesaggistico

Location Ciampino (RM), Italy

Year 2014

Description Important archological discoveries have brought about the necessity of a change in the original plans of building a residential unit and instead creating a public green space. The project combines archeological finds, green spaces and new recreational opportunities, using as landscape elements the olive and vines already present in the area. A walking and cycling track effortlessly overlaps the fields’ pattern, while sport equipment and closed spaces dot the entire park. A dense Mediterranean vegetation made of long stemmed trees and high bushes drastically separates the agricultural-public from the natural-private environment. 

Client Private

Program Urban park, landscaping, facilities for sport, public access to archaeological sites

Type Private commission

Assignment Preliminary design

Size 8 ha

Designers Niccolò Cau - Carlotta Montefoschi

Collaborator Ermenelinda Cosenza (photomontage)

Status Administrative checks